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This is a lot of information, but I have taken great care in the preparation of this list after years (and years) of answering questions. I appreciate you taking the time to read through this thorougly, as it will ensure a streamlined & fun experience for us both. -Lindsey


Where do you shoot?

  • I shoot most of my boudoir sessions in my home studio in Austin, Texas. It's a spacious 1 bedroom apartment (plans for a custom studio are in the works) with amazing window light and an intimate, non-studio feel. If you'd prefer to splurge and have your shoot done in an Airbnb or a downtown Austin hotel like the W or South Congress Hotel, that's great too. I do not provide lingerie (because I think that's icky) or props, but if you'd like to bring props (this can range from his bow-tie to her motorcycle) please let me know and I'll happily incorporate it into your shoot. I will travel to Houston, Dallas or other Texas locations for $175, which covers gas and a hotel room for the shoot. However, I will waive the travel fee if you and a friend in your city book at the same time.

What time of day do you shoot?

  • I only schedule boudoir sessions during the day between 11am and 6pm depending on the time of year. If you are hiring my stylist, your session start time cannot be later than 1pm. I use mostly natural light in my studio, so your session cannot begin after you get out of work (unless you'd like an all evening shoot with all very dramatic light). I highly recommend taking a day off of work for this session so you are not stressed out, you have plenty of time for hair and makeup, and you can actually enjoy the process. It's a great excuse to take a personal day and feel like you're playing hooky. Also, life is short. Also, self care. Also, sometimes you gotta stop beating yourself up for taking time to slow down, life is all about balance. 

Do I receive all the images taken during the shoot? 

  • I will select the best images from your session, between 40 & 80 images per outfit, and show those to you at your post shoot, in person photo reveal in my studio space. This can be done same day or via Skype if you are an out of town client. You will then select the images you'd like to keep. If you purchase an album, you will receive any images included in the design at no charge. These images will be included in your downloadable online gallery.

What is included in the sitting fee?

  • The sitting fee includes your time with me in my studio, shooting for about 45 minutes per outfit. You will also receive an online gallery after your post shoot photo reveal with access to view, download and print the images purchased from your session.

What if I booked you but need to reschedule my shoot date?

  • It is no problem to reschedule your shoot date, I understand that things come up. If necessary, after submitting your deposit, you can reschedule your shoot for any time during the same year as your original shoot date. Your deposit (the sitting fee) is refundable (and you may cancel the session) until 45 days before your shoot date. Within 45 days of your shoot date, the deposit is not refundable.

Is retouching included?

  • Yes. Skin, color and exposure are retouched to be smooth yet still natural. I always retouch out bruises, blemishes, mosquito bites, cat scratches, shaving cuts, etc.. If you want a second round of retouching there is an additional charge. Every image that goes into the book, that you've purchased the print release to, that goes onto my blog, or goes to print gets retouched. Bonus* you will get to see both color and black-and-white versions of each image.

How much experience do you have shooting boudoir?

  • I've had an interest in photographing women in any capacity since I started at age 16, and I'm now 34. I've shot women's portraits, fashion editorial, fashion bridal, beauty, couples portraits, couples boudoir, family, weddings, engagements, and as of September 2018, 400 boudoir sessions. What differentiates me from other boudoir photographers is my ability to pose and direct. No matter who you are, how you're shaped or what you're wearing, I'll not only pose you well but do it very quickly. I focus entirely on the woman, her curves, the traits that make her unique, the parts of her body she loves the most. No cheesy furniture. No fake sexy faces. The most common statement I hear about my photography is that the subject always looks beautiful and natural. 

I've never been photographed before. I have no idea how to pose myself. This is scary and I don't know what I'm doing. Will you help me?

  • Of course! It is my job to pose and direct you the entire way through. This means I will tell you how to hold your head, where to look, whether or not to smile, when to lift your chin, where to put your hands, your arms, your legs, your feet, when to take off your shoes, when to put your shoes back on, when to stand, when to lie down... I will literally tell you when to breath. Hilariously, I am not kidding about that last one. It is my job to get gorgeous, natural smiles out of you. It is my job to make you feel and look sexy. Don't spend a second worrying about coming up with posing or expressions yourself. Side note* I will pose you according to your body, how it looks best in what you are wearing, and what is the most flattering for you. There is no comparing you to anyone else, you are an individual and I will photograph you as such. This is how you will get the best photos out of me, and also enjoy the experience the most. Choose your outfits based on what makes you feel amazing, and let me do the rest.

When should I book my session and what is your availability like?

  • I shoot boudoir during the week, however, you may book a weekend boudoir session for an additional $500. The turn around time for my boudoir sessions is approximately 8 weeks, including product delivery. If you need a quicker turn around time (2 weeks or less) I can do so for an additional charge of $150. This covers delivery of your session no later than 5 days after your shoot and overnight shipping of the book. 

What should I wear?

  • Outfits can range from oversized sweaters, bra + undies, boyshorts, leather jackets, blazers, thigh high boots, fringe vests, rompers, strappy tank tops, literally anything see through or lace, cheekys, thongs, fishnets, mini dresses, fashion bathing suits, etc. I recommend Adore me, Tabu, Naja, Agent Provocateur, Zana Bayne, Forever 21Fredericks of Hollywood, Charm School Vintage, ModClothAnthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Yandy, Victoria's Secret. PLEASE CONSIDER BUYING A SIZE UP ON NON BRA ITEMS SO YOUR SKIN ISN'T BEING CUT INTO! It's never a bad thing to bring a unique piece of clothing or jewelry either. *TIP: When buying thigh high tights for your photo shoot, I highly recommend selecting at least one size bigger than your actual size. Thigh highs almost always run small and short, and will pinch your thighs (because duh, women have thighs). Ladies size 10+, consider plus size tights! First and foremost, they are made LONGER (longer is key) and will sit on your thigh more comfortably. Less thigh squeeze = more flattering photos (trust me, I'm speaking from personal experience).

How should I do my hair and make up?

  • The easier your hair is to work with, the better. Down, straightened, curled or wavy and not too much product work best. For make up: it disappears in photos! More makeup is ALWAYS better for photo shoots, even if you are a 'natural' makeup kind of woman. Please don't underestimate the camera and my lighting. I can provide you a professional and talented boudoir hair and makeup artist who will come to my studio for $150. I work with a few amazing artists who have 15+ years experience, and they know exactly how to quickly doll you up for a boudoir photography session. *Tip: If you are doing your makeup yourself, make sure your mascara covers all your lashes, and use a damp q-tip to clean up stray makeup. Please also make sure your foundation is your actual skin color and doesn't give the illusion of a 'floating head'. The best things you can do for your skin before a shoot is don't drink alcohol, don't get a sunburn, moisturize frequently for a few days prior, and drink lots of water. If you have hired my stylist for your session, please arrive with a clean face and clean, dry hair (washing your hair the night before the shoot is better than the morning of the shoot). Moisturizer is helpful, but she has everything she needs to make you photo shoot ready, including foundation, bronzer/contouring makeup, eye makeup, lip and false lashes. **Professional spray tans (consider going fully nude) are preferred over tanning lotions or beds because it ends up more even and you don't get orange Jersey hands. But, if you do get a professional spray tan, go a couple days before your shoot so the orange tones down. To be clear, I don't think you need to get a tan before your shoot. I think fair skin is just as beautiful, so just be you! I also don't hate tan lines unless it's incredibly obvious in your outfits. Tan lines can be super sexy.

What should I bring?

  • I provide location, lighting, beverages, a clean robe, and music during your shoot. You should bring your wardrobe, all jewelry you may wear, and heels (not necessary for the shoot if you aren't a 'heels' type of lady). If you have specific props you'd like to incorporate, please bring those too. Just like the make up, MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER! Also, please let me know if you'd like some wine or bubbly to help relax you (and please don't hesitate to bring your own as well). 

I have hired my own hair+makeup stylist, can I use your studio (or hotel room, for out of town clients) to get ready in before the shoot?

  • No. With purchase of my stylist, you are not only paying for their services, but also for my additional time in the studio. Hair and makeup styling can take up to two hours, which is ample time for me to be doing other work. If you schedule your own stylist, you are responsible for the location of hair and makeup. There are no exceptions.

I am pregnant and want to schedule a maternity session, when should I do that?

  • It is usually best to schedule your maternity session between 6 and 8 months into your pregnancy, depending on how much you are showing. Stretch marks typically appear closer to your due date, but we want to be sure you're showing enough to really make it count.

I've hired your hair and makeup stylist, what time do I arrive?

  • Please arrive at our agreed upon time (you can always refer back to your order form). Hair and makeup begins at that time and typically takes 1.5 hours. Then, you and I will consult on your outfits, and I'll have you try on items in question to give you my feedback. This is also a great way to eliminate options, so feel free to bring more outfits than what you chose in your package. Sometimes a quick bra or undies change can be done during an outfit if we're both unsure what you'll like better in photos.

Do you photograph nudes?

  • Yes, if you specifically request it, and only tastefully. It is typically considered an additional outfit if you'd like to do nudes because it takes just as much time, if not more, to pose nudes as it does dressed. It's really just about time, so please let me know if you would like nude to be one of your outfits.

Will you show my photos on your Instagram or Facebook business page?

  • Only if you allow me to, and only shots you approve. You will be able to denote this on the questionnaire/order form I will send you if you decide to book me.

What is the post shoot photo reveal?

  • This is a separate meeting we will schedule for after your session. I have an HD projector as well as a large projector screen, so you get to see your photos enlarged up to 8 feet. You can either come back to my studio (preferred if possible), or we will set up a time to meet remotely via Skype (free online video messaging app) and I will show you the best photos from your session. This is when you get to select your favorites and purchase your images/print products. Please come with your checkbook or credit card in tow, this is your ordering session. Payment for your photos/book is due at this time, unless we have arranged a payment plan. If you are an out of town client, we can schedule your reveal for the evening of your shoot day so you can wrap things up before leaving town.

What images do I see in the post shoot photo reveal?

  • I will select all the flattering images from your session and lightly edit those. When you come in for the post-shoot photo reveal, you will see all these images in both color and black and white. We go through your images together to select the best ones for your book or print box. I will also have put together a book design for you as a template, and we will go through the book page by page to ensure you love every single image that you keep. The images you purchase will be available in your online gallery. If you ever want to see the full gallery again, simply schedule another meeting with me. I will keep all the deliverable images for two years after your session.

How do I submit payment and sign the contract?

  • I will send you an electronic contract that we will both sign online. Next, I will email you an order form and the invoice for the deposit, which needs to be submitted via credit card or venmo. Payment for your images or book is not taken at this time.

Lindsey Thorne is the owner and primary photographer of In My Boudoir. She is also a wedding photographer. Her boudoir studio is located in South Austin, Texas. With enough notice, she will travel to Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Georgetown, Round Top, Dripping Springs and many other parts of Texas for a small fee. You can follow her latest work on her Instagram and Facebook, where she (tries to) post often.

From Lindsey:

Boudoir sessions make a great gift, but ultimately, these photographs are not for someone else. These are for you. These are to help you decide to love yourself and love the way you look, NOW. Before going to the gym and losing that extra 20. I believe loving the way you look is a choice. I love what I do because I help women see themselves clearly, beautifully, and with pride. Women are amazing, and deserve to be celebrated.

Prior to the shoot, I consult with you via email on hair, makeup, wardrobe and location. During your session, I direct & pose you 100% of the time, all I ask is for you to trust me. This means I tell you what to do, from your head to your toes for every pose. I received my BFA in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design and photography is my full time job. I have over 10 years professional retouching experience, and I've photographed over 400 boudoir sessions.

I fell in love with photography when I was 16, and I've been shooting ever since. My first love was fashion photography, working with women has always come naturally to me. This is what I am meant to do. Shooting boudoir is my absolute favorite, mostly because I've worked with so many strong, real and awesome women. I am extremely laid back and I promise you will feel comfortable as soon as you walk in the door. I work out of my home, which I absolutely love because I know the light so well, and I can create a secure, intimate environment perfect for making you feel comfortable and bringing out your personality. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to work with me. And I promise, I will never ask you to give me your 'sexy-face'.

My main concern is creating images that are timeless, and above all else, posing you in ways that are elegant and tasteful. No awkward crotch shots, fake 'sexy' faces or lack of direction here. If this is a gift for someone, I guarantee they'll love it... but at the end of the day, this is all about you. Sessions begin at $150 with three outfits. Contact me for my full price list. Also, please take a moment to read the wonderful reviews my lovely clients have left me on yelp, I can't thank them enough. Looking forward to speaking with you!

from my boudoir session in Nevada before I cut my hair

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